We Seem Blind to This Shame

DR Congo - Minerals

DR Congo – Minerals

I had thought that the Nazi horrors were the ultimate in deliberate, historical evil up to and including this century. Not so. The situation in DR Congo started centuries ago and still continues. Yet do we realise it? If we do, then do we just  shrug it off? If so, then why?

I’m glad I read about this dreadful situation because it shows that probably no nation or group of human kind, or perhaps no individual, is above being vile.

“The Congo is a land far away, yet our histories are so closely linked. We have thrived from a lopsided relationship, yet we are utterly blind to it. The price of that myopia has been human suffering on an unimaginable scale.”

Even though it is upsetting, please click and read this link: DR Congo: Cursed by its natural wealth

“… human suffering on an unimaginable scale …”

“…more than five million people have died, millions more have been driven to the brink by starvation and disease and several million women and girls have been raped…”

Why is there no universal outrage? Do we all share this evil by our lack of horrified, urgent action?

As we should, we respond with alarm and aid to alleviate human suffering after natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. We also intervene in the matter of civilian suffering during military conflicts such as in Syria. Those reactions are right; thousands of lives are affected.

Why, then, have we not responded with at least as much urgency to intervene in the death and suffering of millions of fellow human beings in DR Congo?


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Born in 1944 in London, England. Raised in Qatar, Libya and Malta. Settled in Canada. Devoted Roman Catholic. Living in Toronto. Retired Senior Systems Analyst.
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One Response to We Seem Blind to This Shame

  1. oarubio says:

    In the U.S., we have a majority of our news media trying to focus the public’s awareness, not on the real life/moral issues, but on those which glorify the President’s so-called achievements and attack his detractors. A better knowledge of history would allow more to see the fallacy of many politicians worldwide. You are doing your part. Thank you! — Tony

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