A century on: Why Arabs resent Sykes-Picot

Click on the link below for what seems to me to be an excellent clarification.

A century on: Why Arabs resent Sykes-Picot

Part of my upbringing was in that part of the world so I feel for the people.

The article shows why “Lawrence of Arabia” was as pissed off a century ago as I am now! ALL people of honour should be. Colonial greed and treachery and ignorance caused so much harm.

In the context of this history, the methods of those who act to generate an ISIL are disgusting but their intended political borders, and their contempt and distrust of “the infidel”, actually make sense in the context of the shamefulness of our history.


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Born in 1944 in London, England. Raised in Qatar, Libya and Malta. Settled in Canada. Devoted Roman Catholic. Living in Toronto. Retired Senior Systems Analyst.
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