No desk of your own?

No desk of your own!

“This is my office now,” Kathy laughs, holding up a backpack. Inside are her computer, glasses, chargers, and everything else she needs to get through the day. She also has a locker, as all employees do.”

Hurray for Kathy! The way to be.

When I started work, desks were wooden and set up in rows all facing in one direction, like a school classroom facing a wall board. There wasn’t expected  to be any communication, in fact it was frowned on. We worked quietly and we wrote memos! – and sometimes called a meeting. Shudder!

Then we evolved to cubicles, one cubicle per person, and communication became even more difficult. We phoned each other or used a kind of internal primitive email, or sent handwritten things called “Speedimemos”, – or stood on tip-toe and shouted. – Or called a meeting! Shudder!

Finally, before I retired, the cubicle walls came down and workstations were arranged in workgroups facing inwards to a central group table, – and we communicated by shouting, phoning or throwing balled-up paper at each other. – Or called a meeting! Shudder!

And all this time, managers and such were within “offices” ranged around the perimeters and corners. – And they didn’t communicate; they called meetings. Shudder!

At long last, now that I’ve retired, the work people appear to be their own work centres and communicate by being mobile and conversing or they gather according to need using voice or mobile devices.

And sometimes perhaps . . .  call a meeting! Shudder!



About Bettieluv

Born in 1944 in London, England. Raised in Qatar, Libya and Malta. Settled in Canada. Devoted Roman Catholic. Living in Toronto. Retired Senior Systems Analyst.
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