July 6, 2017

And it came to her in a dream that . . . .

Methods Analyst

Actually, that rather biblical-sounding thing did happen last night, – about my WordPress blogs hobby.

In a half-wakeful, thoughtful reverie, my semiconscious me reasoned that instead of my at-then-present situation of having twelve (12) blogs, each one for a separate category of interest, I should just have one (1) blog (this one) and not worry if each posting to it is of a different category of  interest.

So bloody obvious; much more effective and productive.

The reduction in administration complexity will also leave me more time to pursue my photography and art hobbies too.

So thus it is!


About Bettieluv

Born in 1944 in London, England. Raised in Qatar, Libya and Malta. Settled in Canada. Devoted Roman Catholic. Living in Toronto. Retired Senior Systems Analyst.
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