How creativity is helped by failure

Viewpoint: How creativity is helped by failure – BBC News

Source: Viewpoint: How creativity is helped by failure – BBC News

A design college in the United States [held an] exhibition about creativity. It [was] called “Permission to Fail”. The curator asked a group of 50 prestigious designers and illustrators to send in their mess-ups, rough drafts and preliminary sketches so that they could be put on display.

That is so encouraging and yet still very challenging.

Creativity is a journey that involves taking wrong turns along the way

Easy to quote. Easy to believe. But for me, not easy to be other than hidden until I applaud my own product for it matching:

  1. My previsualisation of my finished product.
  2. My comparison of that visualisation with other peoples’ finished products.

Which means that I keep intending to make and send stuff here to WordPress, or to Flickr, or to Adobe Behance on the Creative Cloud, – but never do except for a few apologetic, self-labeled, embarrassed prototypes.

So!  Well! Now having published this, I intend to have the courage to learn, to create and publish at all stages of my learning, including the stage right now, and to some degree forever, when my product is raw, less-than-professional, not at any standard that I’d intend eventually to achieve.

And I might not ever achieve it. I might be a perpetual, hopeful, sub-standard student. But the studying and trying will be pointless if I don’t publish it at every stage.

Just like this article.


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