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July 6, 2017

And it came to her in a dream that . . . . Actually, that rather biblical-sounding thing did happen last night, – about my WordPress blogs hobby. In a half-wakeful, thoughtful reverie, my semiconscious┬áme reasoned that instead of my … Continue reading

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No desk of your own?

No desk of your own! “This is my office now,” Kathy laughs, holding up a backpack. Inside are┬áher computer, glasses, chargers, and everything else she needs to get through the day. She also has a locker, as all employees … Continue reading

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Jury Selection in Ontario – A Defence of the Methods

This treatise is written in the context of my observations in the City of Toronto in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It might not be applicable to other jurisdictions. ACCUSATIONS: That too many people are summonsed; that most people who … Continue reading

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