A century on: Why Arabs resent Sykes-Picot

Click on the link below for what seems to me to be an excellent clarification.

A century on: Why Arabs resent Sykes-Picot

Part of my upbringing was in that part of the world so I feel for the people.

The article shows why “Lawrence of Arabia” was as pissed off a century ago as I am now! ALL people of honour should be. Colonial greed and treachery and ignorance caused so much harm.

In the context of this history, the methods of those who act to generate an ISIL are disgusting but their intended political borders, and their contempt and distrust of “the infidel”, actually make sense in the context of the shamefulness of our history.

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Attawapiskat, and the fallout of intergenerational trauma

Attawapiskat, and the fallout of intergenerational trauma

“What will allow places like Attawapiskat to get better? The equal ability to receive a proper education in your own community in all its forms. Curricula that teach children about their culture and their language and their land. When children learn the importance of where they come from, and who they are, and that others in the world care for them, they begin to internalize that vital ingredient of self-esteem: a sense of pride in self and in community.”

Source: Attawapiskat, and the fallout of intergenerational trauma

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Socks are not enough.

Socks are not enough: Social justice lies upstream from charity | rabble.ca

Please click this link to read a great and inspiring article on Rabble.ca by Cathy Crowe: Source link: Socks are not enough: Social justice lies upstream from charity | rabble.ca


There is a parable called Upstream Downstream that has guided me in my work as a street nurse. It’s about visiting health care workers in a developing country. Standing by a riverbed they suddenly see bodies floating down the river. Frantically, they start pulling the bodies out and begin resuscitation. When they look up they see a continual flow of bodies down the river. They call for help and keep pulling the bodies onto the riverbank and apply CPR. Finally, one of them asks: “Who or what is upstream pushing the bodies into the river?”

This time of year people are always asking me what they can do to help the homeless. Where can they help to serve a Christmas dinner in a shelter? What organization can they collect socks for? Is it okay to hand out sandwiches or bags with toiletries to homeless people who are lying on the sidewalk downtown?

I have a formula to help answer those questions and it’s based on the notion that social justice involves more than charity. Socks are not enough.

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Hong Kong’s realistic approach to policing sex work

Hong Kong’s realistic approach to policing sex work | South China Morning Post

Source: Hong Kong\’s realistic approach to policing sex work | South China Morning Post

“Instead of prosecuting sex workers and their clients, the focus should be on tackling exploitation and abuse. A trafficked woman, after all, is not a sex worker exercising free choice, but a crime victim.”

While there might be moral issues about prostitution, there will always be sex workers and those who profit from them. But it seems weird to police the matter on the basis of moral objection.

What in fact is justifiably criminal? Surely it is any deliberate harm that is done to any person. Which is, in the case of the sex trade, any activity forced upon anyone and/or any mental, emotional or physical abuse of anyone.

Morality derives from faithful love of each other’s well-being, not from fear of worldly punishment. Thus Hong Kong seems to have the right idea in the application of law and order regarding sex workers.

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Paris attacks illustrate the power of mockery

At my secondary school in Malta, I was privileged to learn the modern history of Europe at a course that used the satirical cartoons of Punch magazine. We also learned English history with reference to the pamphleteers of the Tudor era.

From Mr. Doug Saunders’ article in today’s Globe and Mail (see link below):

But, as we’ve seen over and over recently, it is mockery, far more than rhetorical or logical criticism, that reaches its target and drives its wounded victims to paroxysms of revenge.

Mockery travels faster than news or analysis. While Charlie Chaplin’s Interview-style mockery of Adolf Hitler in The Great Dictator was not considered a major part of the arsenal against the Fuhrer in that predigital era (and certainly didn’t provoke violence), the instant spread of disrespectful imagery is capable of threatening entire edifices of authority overnight.

Free speech is an essential of real freedom. Rude, disrespectful satire, traditionally in outrageous cartoon form, is a powerful, effective form of that free speech.  – – –  JE SUIS CHARLIE.

via Paris attacks illustrate the power of mockery – The Globe and Mail.

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Je suis Charlie

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Gravatars! Blavatars!

I’ve banished Miss Punkerbell.  –  Miss Mirror Tattyhead is now my WordPress blavatar as well as my Internet gravatar.

There are blavatars and gravatars. It’s a WordPress technical thing and it’s  taken half the afternoon to discover that and learn how to use and change them!

But mustn’t complain; I enjoy being a techie really. 🙂

P.S. to other WordPress users:  Gravatars are changed using the widget and blavatars are changed using Settings / General within the Classic Dashboard.

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